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A father from Houghton Regis who was diagnosed with liver cancer is hoping to raise money for life-saving treatment in Holland.

Stuart Finlay (Finn), 36, was diagnosed with 10 weeks ago and was told the life expectancy was ten years with 44 per cent of the cases, and five years with 60 per cent of the cases, but after doing some research he found studies of treatment using different drugs that have seen people at stage 3 cancer making a full recovery.

He is now planning to get treatment that is not available in the UK , so he will be travelling to Holland and Frankfurt for two different procedure that he believes will help him more.

He said: "Fortunately, I was diagnosed early so the chances of survival are better than they normally would be .

"The treatment from the nurses and doctors with the NHS has been amazing but with Covid19 here it has been made harder then normal, so thank you all for your help and everything you have done for me.

"So far I have started chemotherapy and had cryotherapy which has freezed the tumor to kill any cancer cells and the tumor itself and then I will be starting a course of chemotherapy at the end of Oct, this is all that has been offered to me and my life expectancy with this treatment is 5 years.

"I will be getting targeted therapy in the Holland from UMC, VUmc Holland and then in Frankfurt, Germany, Stem cell Therapy."

The former army soldier, who has a three-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter, is now appealing for the public's help to raise the money for the treatment.

Finn said: "Having already put all the money I can into the treatment, my friend suggested making a page and seeing if any friends or family could help, and it started from there.

"The main thing for me is to raise awareness of this type of treatment and remove the stigma that is attached to CBD - which has really helped me - and stem cell treatment.

"If I don't survive this I want to be able to help someone else. I want to raise awareness of these treatments.

"I will be making videos of the treatment that I will be taking and of each of the doctors as well about this so that if anyone else thinks there is no hope trust me there is.

"I will be asking questions about it and how it works and if you have any questions please send them to me and I will ask them.

"You will be able to watch my Vlogs of everything I do and everywhere I go and what happens when you get these treatments."

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Houghton Regis dad appeals for help for life-saving treatment abroad - Dunstable Today

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