Gordie Howes health improved dramatically after stem cell treatment

CALGARY They call it the miracle of stem cells and it was nothing less than a miracle says Marty Howe about his dad Gordies recovery.

Ata press conference Tuesday in Calgary for the Gordie Howe C.A.R.E.S annual hockey Pro-AM, Marty Howe talked about how the stem cell treatment saved Gordie Howes life after suffering two strokes.

He probably had a month to live the way he was going, he was deteriorating pretty fast. To have him now back and be able to relate to everybody really helps, Marty Howe said.

The Howe family remains positive and believes Gordie might be able to travel again and attend events soon. Marty Howe said his dad is already planning to attend an event in Saskatoon next month.

He can walk, hes got a sense of freedom now. He can play with the grand kids. He still needs to work with his speech, he cant sign yet but hopefully in the future he will be able to, Howe said.

Its a joy to have him with us still. Its nothing more of a gift. Hes down in Texas with my sister and we have caregivers that have been coming in for the past two and a half years too.

Gordie Howe has aform of dementia and the 86-year-old suffered hismost recent stroke just before Christmas last year due to dehydration.

A group of doctors, who happened to be named Howe, contacted the family and told them about a stem cell treatment they could offer for Gordie Howe. So the family went down to Mexico to give it a try.

Gordies health improved dramatically. Soon after, hewas able to walk and speak again. The family says Gordie plans to do asecond treatment in two months.

Known as Mr. Hockey, Howe was the NHLs Most Valuable Player six times. He played on four Stanley Cup championship teams in Detroit during a 25-year stint that began in 1946. The league scoring records he set stood until Wayne Gretzky broke them.

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Gordie Howes health improved dramatically after stem cell treatment

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