'Future of medicine' comes to Nelson


OFFERING HOPE: Robert DeBoyer and his wife, Rhona, who together run Stem-Cell NZ, offer experimental stem cell treatment.

An experimental stem cell treatment for joint and tendon regeneration is being offered in Richmond.

Doctor Robert DeBoyer, is providing the treatment where a patient's own stem cells are used to treat disease or injury.

The treatment can be controversial as it is still largely experimental.

Dr DeBoyer, who runs Stem-Cell NZ with his wife, Rhona, has been offering the treatment in New Zealand for six months from the Lower Queen St medical centre in Richmond, and in Wellington.

He said it had about an 80 per cent efficacy rate and could provide relief for some patients that meant they did not need surgery.

The treatment involved extracting 30-60ml of blood from a patient and putting it through a "highly sophisticated" centrifuge.

Dr DeBoyer said a rich plasma, containing about 170,000 stem cells, was obtained. It was injected into the joints or tendons, where it helped replicate new cartilage and, over time, relieved symptoms.

He said the treatment had a 24-hour recovery time and most patients only needed one treatment. It cost about $1400.

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'Future of medicine' comes to Nelson

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