Full Force’s Bowlegged Lou Tells of His Brother Paul Anthony’s Stem Cell Transplant in Emotional Post

Paul Anthony George

*As weve reported over the past year, Full Forces Paul Anthony has been bravely dealing with a cancer condition called mantle cell lymphoma.

A few days ago, as part of the treatment, Paul went through bone marrow stem cell transplant. The donor was his brother, Bowlegged Lou, who chronicled the event as only he could with a lot of love, humor and raw emotion.

From Lou (The Bowlegged One): My lil Testimony.

First, Happy New Year to everyone and their family and friends. I want to thank all my family and friends for your prayers and positive thoughts regarding my beloved brother Paul Anthony. (Also earlier thanks for the prayers of support for our mother when she spent 8 days in the hospital during the Thanksgiving week. )

The bone marrow stem cell transplant between Paul & myself went well. Thats the 1st phase as we aint through yet. We must keep sending prayers for Pauls brand-Lou immune system, oops did I say brand-Lou? I meant brand new. ) His brand new immune system must now take 9 to 12 days to set in for his blood counts to go up, then months of safe guard period to officially take shape and become whole. Prayers must continue and continue, as Paul has been such a positive & brave lion through this whole journey of his.

Paul Anthony & Bowlegged Lou

Regarding this stem cell bone marrow transplant, the doctors were looking at me to do 2 days in the Donors hospital & to hopefully give Paul 6 million stem cells total. I ended up doing it in 1 day with 2 catheters in both arms & for 4 hours I spit out 9 million stem cells to everyones surprise including the docs. Not 6 mil in 2 days but 9 mil in 1 day. Paul got all 9 mil from me. (If u see Paul start putting stickers on peoples backs or pulling pranks, youll know why.)The docs said that for my age I had a healthy bone marrow of a teenager but the host vs graft must still succeed in on-going time in order to be complete, and with Gods eyes it will. Prayers must continue.

But again, so far so good. Paul looks good, sounds better. Again hes been so strong through it all though this latest chemo trial in the hospital rocked him the most cause it was so intense. Im just happy that I was an exact blood match to my brother because only 25 % of all siblings turn out to be matches.

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Full Force’s Bowlegged Lou Tells of His Brother Paul Anthony’s Stem Cell Transplant in Emotional Post

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