FRC Congratulates Kansas, Gov. Brownback for Authorizing Stem Cell Research Center

WASHINGTON, April 22, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Family Research Council (FRC) congratulated Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and the state of Kansas for the passage and signing of Kansas SB 199. The law establishes a new adult stem cell research and treatment center at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City's medical school.


FRC 's Senior Fellow Dr. David Prentice has testified in Kansas for years about the benefits of ethical adult stem cell treatments, based on their published scientific record. He promoted the idea of an adult stem cell center in talks with legislators, educators, doctors, and patients. He also helped write the legislation, and served as a scientific witness in legislative testimony. Of the bill signing Dr. Prentice said:

"With the signing of SB 199, Governor Sam Brownback has taken the first step toward making Kansas an international hub for scientific advancement and life-saving treatment. Through the creation of the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center, Gov. Brownback has demonstrated a commitment to both scientific advancement and a culture of life.

"This bill would not have passed without the effort of Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook, who authored and sponsored the bill and has worked tirelessly for years to promote ethical medical treatments and research. Senator Pilcher-Cook has been a prime advocate for the proven success of adult stem cells in treatments as well as ethical research. Her principled stand for life is an inspiration."

Of Dr. Prentice's work, FRC President Tony Perkins said the following:

"For many years, Dr. David Prentice has beenone of the world'sleading experts on the many life-saving uses of ethical adult stem cell treatments. His efforts in Kansas will bring leading-edge scientific and medical research and treatment to people around the world. This is a major achievement, and my colleagues and I at Family Research Council applaud David's outstanding work."

The Center will be unique as a comprehensive stem cell center. It will focus first on treating patients with adult stem cells, which have a proven track record as life savers and life extenders, treating over 60,000 people a year for dozens of diseases around the globe. The Center will also train doctors on the use of adult stem cells for treatments, conduct research and clinical trials to develop more patient therapies, educate people about stem cell treatments, and create a global database of available therapies for use by physicians and patients.

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FRC Congratulates Kansas, Gov. Brownback for Authorizing Stem Cell Research Center

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