Former SeaChange actor Tom Long has died, five months after being cleared of cancer, & more in News in 5. – Mamamia

Its absolutely incredible to think back to when we first started, McGrath said.

CA and the SCG Trust came to us and offered us the SCG Test in remembrance of Jane and to support the foundation and my family.

What it has grown into now is absolutely incredible.

If what weve done here has an impact in other places for other charities then its absolutely brilliant.

The McGrath Foundation aimed to raise $1.6 million from the Sydney Test between Australia and New Zealand, to take their tally of nurses from 135 to 147.

They were still in pursuit of reaching their goal by late on day three, with takings at the ground up on last year.

This years Test has been played in the backdrop of the bushfire emergency that engulfs the nation.

It was notable on Sunday that as the smoke began to be seen at the SCG, the pink boundary signs were one of the few things to shine through the lingering Sydney haze.

For the McGrath Foundation that hits close to home too.

Three-quarters of their nurses are in rural and regional areas while McGraths own childhood home of Narromine is among the most drought-affected in NSW.

I heard a story of lady whose family is impacted by the fires, foundation ambassador Tracy Bevan said.

She left her family, rode a bike, got on a boat and she went on the boat for chemotherapy.

She knew she had to go and have that treatment because of the impact of that insidious disease.

Wildlife official Mike Williams has been appointed to lead the recovery on Kangaroo Island from the devastating bushfires.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service senior executive has been named the local recovery coordinator to support islanders as they come to grips with their needs over the coming weeks and months.

This is an unprecedented tragedy for the Kangaroo Island community, who are now facing a recovery effort on a scale never seen before on the island, SA Human Services Minister Michelle Lensink said.

Mr Williams will work with locals to coordinate recovery measures and help residents, primary producers, tourism operators and other local businesses navigate a way forward.

His appointment recognises the unique challenges facing Kangaroo Island as it embarks on the process of recovery, including geographic isolation, losses relative to population, impacts on local economic activity and community wellbeing.

There are fears as many as half of South Australias Kangaroo Islands koala population has been wiped out. Report in 7NEWS at 6pm. #KIfires #7NEWS

7NEWS Sydney (@7NewsSydney) January 5, 2020

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Former SeaChange actor Tom Long has died, five months after being cleared of cancer, & more in News in 5. - Mamamia

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