Foreign doctors need permit for stem cell therapy

MANILA - Foreign doctors are now required to secure a permit to perform stem cell therapy in the country or face criminal liability.

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)s Board of Medicine (BOM) made the announcement yesterday, explaining that the requirement is part of government efforts to regulate the practice of stem cell therapy in the country to ensure the safety of patients.

In a statement, the BOM said foreign physicians who intend to practice stem cell therapy here must obtain special temporary permit from the PRC to avoid being charged with medical malpractice.

Even local doctors who have aided foreign physicians illegal practice of stem cell therapy shall be also held criminally liable, the BOM added.

To secure the special temporary permit, a foreign doctor must submit proof of education and actual practice in the field of stem cell therapy and current license authenticated by the Philippine embassy and the embassy in the country of origin.

The board said physicians should have acquired the necessary education, supervised training and extensive clinical experience prior to performing the treatment. It noted that the argument that stem cell therapy falls under the general practice of medicine since it only involves injection of stem cell solution is erroneous.

As professionals, physicians should be able to conduct self-assessment and self-evaluation regarding what they can and what they should not do, they added.

The BOM also noted that stem cell therapy should be practiced only in hospitals and clinics licensed by the Department of Heath for assurance that these medical facilities have the necessary manpower and equipment to prevent risks and hazards to patients.

The board also warned patients desiring to undergo stem cell therapy abroad to first verify the status of clinics and hospitals as well as practitioners from regulatory authorities.

Earlier, the Food and Drug Administration and the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) reported receiving numerous complaints of foreign doctors performing stem cell therapy in hotels and other non-medical facilities. The PMA said foreign doctors injected patients with animal-based stem cells at P1 million per shot, but these foreigners are not even licensed to practice medicine in the country.

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Foreign doctors need permit for stem cell therapy

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