Fair City fans reckon Orla and Wayne will fight for Sashs baby – The Irish Sun

FAIR City's latest arrival, baby Olivia is causing a stir in Carrigstown.

In last night's episode Sash welcomed baby Olivia a month early after being rushed to the hospital by Wayne and Orla.




Wayne called around to Sash as he saw her look unwell in the cafe and to again try talk her out of leaving Carrigstown.

Upon arriving he saw Sash frantically packing a bag only to discover she was in labour.

After much ado and Sash worrying because she wanted to bring her own teabags to the hospital Wayne and Orla got her to hospital before she gave birth.

Orla was forced into being Sashs birthing partner. Orla supported Sash as the baby was born.

The baby was then taken to ICU leaving Orla and Sash both emotional. Orla tried to hide her feelings of longing for the newborn.

Tonight Wayne told Dolores the U.S. surrogate had her baby. Dolores was so excited to hear that she had a granddaughter.

Orla and Wayne visited Sash and baby Olivia in the hospital but Orla kept her distance.

Junior got the go-ahead for the stem cell treatment.

Upon finding out that the stem cells were a match Dolores tried to convince Orla to tell Junior that he has a new sister. Dolores called Junior and Wayne to the kitchen and Orla snapped at her and said: "I said no!"

Orla was thrown when Dolores offered to go to the U.S. by herself to see the baby.

Wayne met Dolores in the pub and made up a story about the surrogate to dissuade her from going to the U.S.

When Dolores continued to pressure him, Wayne got annoyed saying:

"Ma you are wrecking my head, I cant take much more of this so please just leave it."

Dolores began to suspect somethings amiss.

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Fair City fans are beginning to think Orla is going to fight for the baby.

One person tweeted: "Orla is gonna fight for the kid u can see it."

Someone else added: " I don't know who I want to keep the baby."

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