Editorial: Medical case gets serious treatment

When a Bonita Springs doctor had his state license suspended after yet another stem-cell treatment case, his attorney issued a statement saying he had done nothing wrong and a second doctor was involved in treating a 77-year-old heart patient, who later died.

In response, rather than acquiesce, the state has gotten even more involved, issuing an emergency license restriction against that doctor, Konstantine K. Yankopolus, of Fort Myers.

That tells us the Florida Department of Health is focused on getting answers to what happened and assuring public health and safety is protected.

The lead doctor, Zannos Grekos, was in the news previously for stem-cell treatment on a 66-year-old breast cancer patient, who later fell, suffering severe brain damage and being taken off life support. The state ordered Grekos to suspend treatment with stem cells in Florida, though he still was allowed to conduct educational seminars about stem-cell therapy and arrange for patients to go for treatment in the Dominican Republic.

The state's order against Yankopolus says he knew Grekos was under a license restriction when Yankopolus agreed to assist in performing the stem-cell treatment for the now-deceased 77-year-old.

The order also notes that Yankopolus initially reported no stem-cell treatment was involved in the patient's care. That chart, the order says, was later changed by Yankopolus, who called it "a misunderstanding."

No wonder the state has questions about all this.

Integrity is at issue for these doctors and the medical community in general.

Also in the spotlight is how our state regulators choose to respond.

We can be grateful for Florida's Sunshine Laws for assuring public access to public records as this important investigation moves forward.

Editorial: Medical case gets serious treatment

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