Doctor's license suspended after patient's death


The state Surgeon General has issued an emergency suspension of the license of Dr. Zannos Grekos for providing a stem cell treatment to a patient contrary to previous restrictions placed on his license. The patient died during the treatment.

According to the emergency suspension order, in February 2011 Dr. Grekos was ordered not to perform any stem cell treatments on patients.

On March 2, 2012, Grekos is accused of treating an elderly man with pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary fibrosis with stem cells.

The suspension order says Grekos harvested tissue from the patient's abdomen that commonly contains stem cells. That tissue was sent to a lab to have the stem cells concentrated.

Those concentrated stem cells were then injected into the patient's bloodstream, according to the order.

The patient died of cardiac arrest during the treatment.

Because the stem cell treatment violated previous restrictions on Grekos' license, the state requested the emergency suspension of his license.

One section of the emergency suspension order states, "Nothing short of the immediate suspension of Dr. Grekos' license to practice medicine would be sufficient to protect the public from the danger of harm presented by Dr. Grekos."

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Doctor's license suspended after patient's death

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