Doctors hit stem cell promotion

Manila, Philippines --- The Philippine College of Physicians (PCP) yesterday appealed to politicians and celebrities who have undergone the controversial stem cell therapy to stop promoting the procedure which has become a subject of debate for local medical practitioners.

"Pakiusap ko sa kanila, huwag na kayo magpagamit kasi mas malakas pa kayo sa Billboard," Dr. Tony Dans, president of the Philippine Society of General Internal Medicine (PSGIM) said at a forum in Quezon City yesterday.

Stem cell treatment is still in its experimental stages and is therefore not yet an accepted form of treatment in the country, the PCP leaders emphasized.

The group presented a slide containing photos of public figures who had reportedly undergone stem cell therapy.

One of the photos showed Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada who earlier revealed he underwent stem cell treatment in Germany in 2012 where he received stem cells from an unborn sheep.

"Sana huwag na lang siyang (Estrada) maging 'endorser' kasi madami siyang following baka sumunod sa kanya," said Dr. Anthony Leachon, Vice President of PCP.

The Department of Health (DOH) bans the use of stem cells gathered from animal and plant sources. The sources of stem cells allowed in the Philippines is the Autologous or Adult Stem Cells taken from the patient's own blood, bone marrow and fat.

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Doctors hit stem cell promotion

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