Creative Medical Technology Holdings files Patent on Induction of Infectious Tolerance by Ex Vivo Reprogrammed Immune Cells Utilizing ImmCelz Cellular…

PHOENIX, Dec. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --Creative Medical Technology Holdings trading under the ticker symbol CELZ announced today its patent filing based on data covering utilization of the Company's ImmCelz product at generating what is termed in the field of immunology as "infectious tolerance."

Using an animal model of rheumatoid arthritis, investigators demonstrated administration of ImmCel protected mice from immunologically mediated joint damage. Importantly, cells from treated mice were able to reverse disease when transferred to arthritic mice. Detailed scientific analysis revealed that ImmCelz administration caused generation of T regulatory cells and tolerogenic dendritic cells. Both of these cell types have previously been described to possess ability to suppress autoimmunity.

"In 2003, Dr. Weiping Min from the University of Western Ontario and myself published a paper describing the Tolerogenic Loop, in which we were able to perform fully mis-matched cardiac transplants without need for long term immune suppression1." Said Dr. Thomas Ichim, Chief Scientific Officer of the Company. "We are extremely enthusiastic to discover that ImmCelz, which is a personalized immunotherapy can induce similar biological processes and in this case suppress autoimmunity."

Creative Medical Technology Holdings possesses numerous issued patents in the area of cellular therapy including patent no. 10,842,815 covering use of T regulatory cells for spinal disc regeneration, patent no. 9,598,673 covering stem cell therapy for disc regeneration, patent no. 10,792,310 covering regeneration of ovaries using endothelial progenitor cells and mesenchymal stem cells, patent no. 8,372,797 covering use of stem cells for erectile dysfunction, and patent no. 7,569,385 licensed from the University of California covering a novel stem cell type.

"Given that our issued intellectual property covers multi-billion dollar markets, it is critical in our development plans to establish scientific mechanisms of action. By understanding how our products work at a cellular and molecular level, we feel we have an advantage when engaging Big Pharma in discussions for licensing/partnering interactions." Said Timothy Warbington, President and CEO of the Company.

The company intends to publish an update on the overall 2020 activities in the coming weeks.

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Creative Medical Technology Holdings files Patent on Induction of Infectious Tolerance by Ex Vivo Reprogrammed Immune Cells Utilizing ImmCelz Cellular...

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