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PHOENIX, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --Creative Medical Technology Holdings Inc., (OTC CELZ) announced today positive preclinical data supporting the utilization of its ImmCelz cell based immunotherapy for treatment of stroke. In an animal model of ischemia stroke, the middle cerebral artery ligation model, administration of ImmCelz resulted in 34% reduction in infarct volume, whereas control bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells reduced infarct volume by 21%. Additionally, improvements in functional recovery where observed using the Rotarod test. At 28 days after induction of stroke the animals receiving ImmCelz had superior running time (92% of non-stroke controls) compared to animals which received bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (73% of non-stroke control). Animals that received saline had a running time that was 50% of non-stroke controls.

"The regenerative potential of immune cells that have been programmed by stem cells is a fascinating and novel area of research." Said Dr. Amit Patel, coinventor of ImmCelz, and board member of the Company. "Conceptual advantages of using reprogrammed T cells include higher migratory ability due to smaller size, as well as ability to replicate and potentially form "regenerative memory cells."

"This data, which is covered by our previous filed patents, such as no. 15/987739, Generation of autologous immune modulatory cells for treatment of neurological conditions, demonstrate that immune modulation via this stem cell based method may be a novel and superior way of addressing the $30 billion dollar market for stroke therapeutics1." Said Dr. Thomas Ichim, coinventor of the patent and Chief Scientific Officer of the Company. "The fact that this technology, which has priority back to 2017, is demonstrating such stunning results, motivates us to consider filing an Investigational New Drug Application for use in stroke."

Creative Medical Technology Holdings possesses numerous issued patents in the area of cellular therapy including patent no. 10,842,815 covering use of T regulatory cells for spinal disc regeneration, patent no. 9,598,673 covering stem cell therapy for disc regeneration, patent no. 10,792,310 covering regeneration of ovaries using endothelial progenitor cells and mesenchymal stem cells, patent no. 8,372,797 covering use of stem cells for erectile dysfunction, and patent no. 7,569,385 licensed from the University of California covering a novel stem cell type.

"While stroke historically has been a major area of unmet medical need, the rise in stroke cases , as well as the fact that younger people are increasingly falling victim to stroke, strongly motivates us to accelerate our developmental programs and to continue to explore participation of Big Pharma in this space." Said Timothy Warbington, President and CEO of the Company. "We are eager to replicate the existing experiments start compiling the dossier needed to take ImmCelz into humans using the Investigational New Drug Application (IND) route through the FDA."

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1Stroke Management Market Size Forecasts 2026 | Statistics Report (

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Creative Medical Technology Holdings Announces Successful Application of ImmCelz Immunotherapy for Treatment of Stroke - KPVI News 6

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