Cracking the fresh cell code

Experience and expertise run in the genes of this doctor, a third-generation fresh cell therapy practitioner

It was a pleaseant, winter morning in Edenkoben, Germany and a group of 15 people from various countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Italy, and Germany congregated for breakfast in a coffee shop in this quaint city. Most of these people just flew in from their respective countries, or drove in from different European cities.

But they were not there for an international conference. They were all there for their shots of fresh cell from Dr. Robert Janson-Mueller.

For the past couple of years, through his solo practice, Dr. Robert Mueller has been sharing the benefits of fresh cell therapy with people who need to seek alternative means to remedy various diseases or chronic conditions of their body, or anti-aging solutions.

Although Filipinos has heard of stem cell therapy only in recent years, thanks to celebrities and politicians who have undergone the treatment and do swear by its efficacy, fresh cell therapy has been around since the 1930s.

The Swiss doctor Prof. Paul Niehans first injected cells originating from animal organs intramuscular into patients in 1931 and is thus considered the founder of live cell therapy. Dr. Robert Muellers grandfather, Dr. Philipp Janson, was one of the first doctors to introduce this method in Germany in 1949. His father, Dr. Wolfgang Janson-Meller, also extensively practiced for 35 years.

Since the 90s, I have been able to participate in the wealth of experience that my father, who is always available for help and advice, has gladly passed on to me. I have been using this method of treatment in my own practice since 2003, says Dr. Mueller.

However, the 47-year old doctor differentiates his practice from others (there are only five known doctors who do fresh cell therapy in Germany) because his clinic tailor-fits the fresh cell injections according to the specific needs of the individuals body. A patient thus gets from about eight to 30 injections, depending on the needs.

In this interview with Dr. Mueller, the German expert sheds more light on this therapy that is attracting more and more Filipinos as an alternative treatment. He also explains why fresh cell therapy is not a cure-all or a miracle therapy, why cells from the sheep embryo is being used, why the treatment is becoming popular in Asia, and why it is not possible, up to now, that these therapies can be done in the Philippines.

For more information on fresh cell therapy, visit the website or call Joey Santos at 0917898-6564 or 633-8653.

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Cracking the fresh cell code

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