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cord blood bank | Cord Blood This blood is rich in stem cells. The cells in cord blood being younger, they adapt more easily and hence a perfect match is not required. Advocates of public banking say that many problems developed by children are genetic and cannot be treated with their own blood store which contains the same genes. However, more research is required to determine if humans would benefit from mesenchymal stem cells. ""Cancer, which was supposed to be an incurable disease, can now be cured if detected at the right time. If the amount is less, the collected cord blood is used for scientific researches. Within an hour of receiving the stem cell treatment, she was able to turn her head and partially lift her arms. There are people who are against this practice as well and there are many opinions supporting it too therefore it is best to consult your doctor regarding this issue and get the right advice. Umbilical cord blood banking is beneficial because the blood contains valuable stem cells that can be put into the body to fight off infections and diseases. ""Stem cells are a hot topic among the medical community, the government, and expecting parents around the nation. A patient who receives a stem cell transplant using stem cells from a family member is recognized as the best treatment option for hematopoietic (blood-forming) reconstitution. These cells have a unique capability of ""adjusting in any environment inside the body"". This base cell becomes what ...From:BuscoFincaRaizcomarViews:0 0ratingsTime:01:18More inScience Technology

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cord blood bank | Cord Blood - Video

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