CIDG investigating stem cell doctors

Manila, Philippines --- A government official has sought the aid of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) to investigate doctors who performed stem cell therapy on him which left him "weaker."

A lawyer for Dangerous Drugs Board Chairman Antonio Villar told a media forum yesterday that he is bent on filing charges against the foreign medical team who performed the controversial medical procedure on him at a posh hotel.

"We must first have an investigation on the matter prior to our filing of criminal raps against the three foreign doctors and other individuals who performed the therapy at a five-star hotel in Mandaluyong," said lawyer Claire Pagayanan said.

"The lead doctor was from Germany while the other two doctors and some nurses who assisted them were from Thailand," Pagayanan said.

Senior Supt. Francisco Esguerra, head of the CIDG-Anti-Fraud and Commercial Crime Division, confirmed that Villar is seeking an investigation into the medical team for allegedly performing a bogus stem cell treatment that cost him 15,000 euros.

Esguerra said they expect to identify the foreign suspects and their Filipino cohort in the coming days since Villar has already agreed to cooperate in the investigation.

"We immediately coordinated with the PMA (Philippine Medical Association) and through their help, we were able to convince him (Villar) to file a case," said Esguerra.

During their conversation on Wednesday, Esguerra said Villar disclosed that he met the German physician through a Filipino middleman who told him that stem cell therapy would make him feel young.

"Apparently, he had been hearing about the positive results of stem cell therapy and that is the reason why he agreed," said Esguerra.

"We have to make a thorough investigation because Chairman Villar's case has grave implications, particularly concerning the health of those who are being duped by false claims on the benefits of stem cell procedures," said Senior Inspector Nino Lope Briones said.

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CIDG investigating stem cell doctors

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