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ReNeuron, the UK based, clinical-stage stem cell therapeutics company, announced that new data relating to its CTX stem cell platform will be presented today at the 27th Annual Congress of the European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT).

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Dr. Steve Pells, Principal Investigator at ReNeuron, will present new data showing the phenotypic stability and scalability of a mesenchymal stem cell line derived from the companys proprietary, conditionally immortalized, human neural stem cell line (CTX) following re-programming to a pluripotent state. The new data being presented today show for the first time that these CTX-iPSCs (induced pluripotent stem cells) can indeed be differentiated along different cell lineages to generate, for example, mesenchymal stem cell lines.

Further, the mesenchymal stem cell lines generated can be grown at scale by virtue of the companys conditional immortalization technology, enabling the efficient production of clinical-grade cell therapy candidates.

Cell and Gene Therapy Market:

Cell and gene therapies have garnered a lot of traction from several big pharma players and new drug developers in recent years. In fact, as per the Alliance of Regenerative Medicines recent findings, there has been more than 75% year on year increment in funding to support the development of various cell and gene therapies. With over 2,600 clinical trials registered to date, cell and gene therapies are playing in a league of their own.

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Cell and Gene Therapy Technology Update: ReNeuron Presents Positive Data | Roots Analysis - Crypto Daily

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