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A BUCKLEY family has thanked the community for their support as they continue to search for life-saving treatment.

Matt Davies, from Buckley, beat cancer last year but now has 12 months to live without a stem cell transplant.

The Leader previously reported that wife Sarah was urging people to register to be a stem cell donor, which is a small process that can save the lives of many.

In just three weeks, over 1,000 people signed up through Sarahs link to be on the register.

She was also told that just under 6,500 people had signed up in total within the space of the three weeks.

She told the Leader: We havent heard anything about a donor for Matt, we are still waiting. We have an appointment on Monday, so fingers crossed they give us an update.

I was really shocked when I saw the response. Its obviously something we are plugging every day because its so serious, but we didnt think wed get anywhere near that amount.

I didnt even think there would be one thousand. Its really, really good and the response on social media with people sending in messages of support has been great.

People are seeing our story published and its really nice they are reaching out and showing support, even people we dont know. Its not a nice situation to be in.

Matt was diagnosed with cancer last year and beat it, however less than eight months later after having his routine bone marrow results he was told the leukaemia was back and his only option was a stem cell transplant.

Without it, he would not be here in the next 12 months.

Sarah added: It doesnt go unnoticed. I know its not a big deal swabbing your mouth, but it is in the end, you could end up saving someones life.

I do thank everyone and hope we have a positive outcome from it all.

So far we havent had a match but thats why we keep going. We arent going to stop.

Over 800 was also recently raised at a charity event which included cake sales and a raffle. All proceeds were donated to the Christie in Manchester where Matt is receiving his treatment.

Sarah said they have not told their young children that the bug is back but it is likely Matt will spend Christmas in the Christie in Manchester.

She said: The whole community has come together to support us, even people we dont know and we really do appreciate it.

Its quite scary. You read these things but never think its going to be you or someone you know. You never think it would affect you but it can.

Everyone has been amazing. Those who havent already, please just register. It can take seconds and you may not ever be called but if you are, you can save someones life by swabbing your mouth and giving blood.

Those wishing to see if they are eligible to be a stem cell donor can do so online at http://www.dkms.org.uk.

Matts journey can also be followed via Facebook and Instagram page team_davies_.

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Buckley family thank community for support as thousands sign up to be a stem cell donor in three weeks - LeaderLive

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