Brave Glasgow mum’s desperate bid to raise funds for MS treatment in Mexico – Evening Times

A Glasgow mum fears she will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life if she cannot afford vital stem cell treatment abroad.

Sinad Kirkland is desperately trying to raise thousands of pounds to travel to Mexico after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2015.

The 48-year-old, originally from Dublin but has lived in the city for 25 years, was first misdiagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome.

But her family were dealt a devastating blow when Sinad fell poorly four years ago.

She was taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley where she was diagnosed with the illness.

Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, is a lifelong condition that affects the brain and spinal chord, and is the number one cause of disability in younger adults.

To make matters worse, the mum-of-one was later diagnosed with Progressive-Relapsing MS, meaning she is in a steadily worsening state with acute relapses but no remissions.

When I was admitted to the RAH in November that year I had no idea MS was or what it would mean for me, Sinad told the Evening Times.

I was very much in the opinion that I could continue as normal, but the reality is thats far from the truth.

There has been a progression of things getting worse, and this year things rapidly declined.

I fear that if nothing is done I will be in a wheelchair within a year or so.

My mobility has been majorly reduced, getting around is very hard.

I have to stop with fatigue and tiredness, my legs just dont work like they used to.

A GoFundMe fundraising page has been set up to help cover costs for Sinad to get chemotherapy with stem cell treatment in Mexico.

Around 13,000 has been raised so far, with the aim to raise around 40,000.

While there is no cure for MS, its hoped the treatment will stop things getting worse.

Sinad says that despite treatment trials in the UK, there is little chance they will be available to her for a few years.

She added: So I have no other choice, I either have to raise the money and try the treatment in Mexico, or just accept that I will be confined to a wheelchair and continue to get worse.

Sinad has praised her amazing 11-year-old daughter Erin for helping her get through the illness.

She added: I have little use left in my right hand, so my husband Fraser has been a massive support he always cooks the meals and works around the house.

Hes been a massive emotional support through it all.

Commenting on the success of the fundraiser so far, she added: The response has been amazing.

My family in Ireland and people over here too have just been so great.

I never believed it would do so well but Im so grateful that it is. Its very humbling.

You can view the fundraiser at here.

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Brave Glasgow mum's desperate bid to raise funds for MS treatment in Mexico - Evening Times

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