Bonita Springs stem cell doctor back working again

BONITA SPRINGS, fla - A controversial stem cell doctor, who lost his medical license in March, is back in business.

Dr. Zannos Grekos is listed as the Chief Medical Officer on the website for Intercellular Sciences, a new company that is "following in the footsteps of Regenocyte," a stem cell company started by Grekos.

WINK News has not been able to confirm whether or not that means the stem cell doctor is practicing medicine at the new company.

In 2011, Grekos was ordered to stop practicing medicine after a cancer patient died following an unapproved stem cell treatment at Regenocyte.

Then, in March of 2012, the Health Department revoked Grekos medical license following the death of a second patient, Richard Poling. At that time, the Lee County Sheriff's Office raided Regenocyte.

We tracked down the phone number of Intercellular Sciences, Grekos new company. The answering machine message links Grekos' old company Regenocyte and Intercellular Sciences.

Despite all the trouble Grekos faces, many of his patients stand by him. "He gave me new life," says Peter Holler. "I can't say enough for him. He's so dedicated to his work and his patients and he doesn't deserve what he's going through."

Holler, like many of Grekos patients traveled out of the United States for his procedure. Holler went to the Dominican Republic four years ago. At the time, he said his heart was half dead.

He says now, he feels great and has since had regular checkups, but has not seen or spoken to Dr. Grekos since his license was revoked.

As for the new company, Holler believes it will get Grekos away from the Regenocyte name and give his doctor a fresh start.

Bonita Springs stem cell doctor back working again

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