BIOTECH: Fate Therapeutics raises $9.2M for stem cell treatments

LA JOLLA ---- Fate Therapeutics Inc., a company developing stem-cell treatments, has raised $9.2 million in equity. The disclosure was made Tuesday ina regulatory filingwith the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Fate's technology uses chemicals calledstem-cell modulators that guide the path, or "fate" of non-embryonic stem cells as they mature. Left to themselves, stem cells grow unpredictably. So methods to increase the efficiency of "reprogramming" the cells into the desired kind are much in demand.

The company's most advanced treatment, ProHema, guides development of hematopoietic, or blood-forming stem cells. It's in clinical trials for blood cancer patients who are getting stem-cell transplants.

Fate has attracted notable executive and scientific talent. Biotech and venture capital veteran William Rastetter serves as chairman and interim CEO. Scientific founders include stem-cell pioneers Sheng Ding of the Gladstone Institute of Cardiac Disease, formerly of The Scripps Research Institute, and Rudolf Jaenischof the Whitehead Institute.

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BIOTECH: Fate Therapeutics raises $9.2M for stem cell treatments

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