BioRestorative Therapies Signs Agreement with Dexterity, Inc. to Advance Production of the Company's Novel brtxDISC™ …

JUPITER, Fla., May 20,2013 /PRNewswire/ --BioRestorative Therapies, Inc. ("BRT" or the "Company") (OTCBB: BRTX),a life sciences company focused on developing stem cell based therapies for various personal applications, announces the signing of a consulting agreement with Dexterity, Inc. ("Dexterity"). Dexterity is a product design and bioengineering firm that will provide services to further the development and production of BRT's proprietary therapeutic delivery device for its intervertebral disc stem cell therapy program, "brtxDISC," (Disc Implanted Stem Cells).

Dexterity's work is intended to advance the design and production of the disc therapeutic delivery device, towards a final version, to be eventually used in a clinical trial as a stem cell delivery system for the treatment of bulging and herniated discs. BRT expects to have a pre-IND/IDE meeting with the FDA to discuss the clinical trial by fourth quarter of this year.

The Company's brtxDISC program is being developed as an alternative to surgical intervention for patients suffering from bulging or herniated discs and could bridge the gap between non-invasive and invasive surgical back procedures. The therapy is a regeneration repair process using a patient's own stem cells that are implanted using BRT's proprietary therapeutic delivery device. The Company has data on treated humans in the U.S. and is compiling results in preparation for clinical trials in the U.S.

"We are very excited to be working with BioRestorative Therapies on the development of its novel, proprietary brtxDISC intervertebral disc stem cell therapy," commented Eric Simon, President of Dexterity. "Our experience with laparascopic and catheter-based devices, cell culture systems, and drug-delivery devices will assist in advancing the development and production of BRTX's disc stem cell delivery device as the company moves through its next phase of clinical trials."

"We are fortunate to be working with Dexterity," commented Mark Weinreb, Chief Executive Officer of BioRestorative Therapies. "With their depth of experience in 3D-CAD, biomaterials, and advanced prototyping and manufacturing, they are the perfect partner to work on the design and final engineering of our medical disc delivery device. We are confident our device will have the performance and quality to operate as intended and will be commercial-ready when we are able to launch our brtxDISC program."

About Dexterity, Inc.

Dexterity, Inc. is a full-service product design and development resource. The company has extensive experience in the design of tangible goods in the medical/biotechnical, consumer, and industrial markets. Dexterity specializes in 3D-Solids CAD modeling and analysis, employing rapid prototyping and tooling technologies to accelerate products to market. Dexterity's broad manufacturing experience assists its clients in designing toward the appropriate production technology for its clients and consumers needs. The company has designed and implemented a diverse range of medical and biotechnical products including in-vitro diagnostic systems, laparoscopic instrumentation, high-performance cell culture ware, drug-delivery devices, and various implantable products.

About BioRestorative Therapies, Inc.

BioRestorative Therapies, Inc. ("BRT"),, develops medical procedures using cell and tissue protocols, primarily involving adult stem cells, designed for patients to undergo minimally invasive cellular-based treatments. BRT is developing the following scientific initiatives:

The Company also offers plant stem cell-based facial creams and beauty products under the Stem Pearls brand at

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BioRestorative Therapies Signs Agreement with Dexterity, Inc. to Advance Production of the Company's Novel brtxDISC™ ...

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