Bellevue doctor tests stem-cell cream as anti-aging therapy


Posted on April 27, 2012 at 11:01 PM

A Bellevue doctor is one of only two researchers in the country testing stem cells as an anti-aging treatment.

Working with volunteer patients, Dr. Fredric Stern extracts stem cells with a liposuction-like procedure. The cells are then mixed with a special medium.

"Half is saved cyrogenically for future use and the other half is shipped to the laboratory in Arizona where on that end the stem cells are grown further," Stern said.

The end product goes into a cream called tropoelastin. The hope is that high concentrations of a patient's own stem cells in the cream will boost the skink's ability to repair itself.

If the eye cream proves successful in the eight-week study, the company will also offer a facial cream. Both could be available within a few months.

Stern said he expects the price to be comparable to high-end cosmetic products that typically cost hundreds of dollars.

Stern said the skin treatment is just the beginning. He said wound care is another possible use.

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Bellevue doctor tests stem-cell cream as anti-aging therapy

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