Barry reveals the truth about Fiona on Fair City –

This week on Fair City, Orla rejects contact with Olivia and lies to get out of minding her. Wayne is worried about Orla, and comforts her as she mourns after Sarah.

Later, Sash covers her stress when Laura is unable to help her out. Orla comes to Sash's aid and admits her true feelings to Sash. She is stunned by Sash's kind gesture.

Orla and Wayne later delight in the news that the stem cell treatment was successful. Orla later bonds with Olivia but she isn't as confident in the idea of a modern family as Wayne is.

Damien is excited by Bosco's talk of making a film noir and Mairead inadvertently belittles Damien's movie ambitions. Ray is left red in the face when his audition for the film goes badly.

Mairead later reads too much into a friendly text from Damien. Things take a turn when she accidentally injures Damien during filming and she is uneasy when the cast tease them. Mairead later reveals to Jane her true motives for being in the film, but Damien is slow to pick up on her hints about getting back together.

Jane rewrites some of the film and Mairead isn't pleased, accusing her of stealing the lead role. Jane rehearses her murder scene.

Meanwhile, Hayley assures Anto she won't be trading fathers. She is shocked when she finds out Ger doesn't know who her father is. Hayley has an idea to find out about her past, but her birth cert turns out to be a dead end.

Hayley looks for clues in old photographs and with Anto's help finds a lead. Hayley asks for Carol's help identifying Ger's friend from the photo. Carol hides her alarm when she recognises the men in the picture, later telling Nora they were Trigger's cronies.

Sarah's mother Rebecca arrives to confront Barry. When Bob asks Rebecca to hear Barry out about the foundation, Rebecca accuses Bob of taking his side. Barry feels more isolated as Paul underestimates his pain.

Later, Barry is nervous before his meeting with Rebecca, and it takes a turn for the worse. Rebecca tells Bob she wishes she never came back.

Fiona has her own agenda when she encourages Paul to be more sympathetic to Barry and she threatens Barry with blackmail. Barry tells Paul about laundering money through Vino's.

Paul kicks Barry out after he reveals the tax audit was a con. Paul lets nothing on with Fiona and tells Barry to keep schtum.

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Barry reveals the truth about Fiona on Fair City -

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