Bangkok Stem Cell Fat Graft Face Lift, Natural Breast Augmentaion & Brazillian Butt Lift Thailand at Cost-Effective!

Food and Healthcare Press Releases Wednesday January 2, 2013

Bangkok--2 Jan--Urban Beauty Thailand

Beauty is one of the greatest treasures in everyones life. Everyone is aware enough of the new technologies that arise in our society nowadays. One of them is the stem cells that would perfectly give you the youthful beauty that you wanna have.

Thailand stem cell is a cell that can develop into different types of tissue based on where it is placed in the body. As a result, their potential for regeneration and restoration of old to new is enormous. Although most stem cell therapies for anti-aging are still new, some plastic surgeons are offering stem cell facelift. A stem cell facelift in Thailand is a cosmetic procedure that purportedly uses your own stem cells to remove signs of aging - sagging skin, wrinkles, and decreased facial fullness. Stem cell facelifts have been marketed as a new facial rejuvenation tool.

On the other hand, many women dream of a natural-looking and permanent breast augmentation. Breast augmentation with the Adistem Stem Cell Technology in Thailand, is a gentle procedure that makes this dream a reality without silicone and other artificial fillers, without scars, without general anesthesia, and with no negative effects on natural breast function. This technique is used in the US and used by the doctors affiliated with the Urban Beauty Thailand.

This revolutionary technique is suited for women who have always wanted larger breasts as well as for women who have lost their original breast volume, e.g., through nursing or weight loss. The naturalness, youthful firmness, and durability of the results of Thailand stem cell breast augmentation with the Adistem Technology make them impressive. The best results are achieved with photo activated fat tissue that is processed under Adistem Laser Technology and then injected to the breast rather than artificial foreign materials. The augmented breast feels completely natural and looks genuine in any body position, whether at rest or in motion. Furthermore, the local rejuvenating effect of the Adistem stem cells gives the breasts a more youthful, firmer and tauter appearance.

Aside from the Adistem stem cell facelift and breast augmentation, Urban Beauty Thailand introduced the Adistem stem cell butt augmentation. A newly-popular procedure that women all around the world are undergoing is the Brazilian Butt Lift, which is fat grafting to the buttocks. Since there is no way for some people to add volume to their buttocks, even through daily exercise, the most suitable approach to obtaining fuller contours of the backside is this cosmetic treatment. Performed in a similar fashion to a natural breast augmentation with photo activated fat, the Brazilian butt lift includes the harvesting of fat using the Adistem proprietary medical procedure (mini liposuction), and photo activated fat injections into the buttocks, thus producing a lifted, rounder appearance.

The Adistem procedure is different from the Cell Assisted Lipotransfer or usually known as CAL. The PhotoActivation Technology has also been used for activating adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) for therapeutic and regenerative application since 2008. ASCs lie dormant within adipose tissue and it requires photoactivation for them to awaken and come into full functionality and begin self-renewal by cell division and formation of other cell types by differentiation and transdifferentiation. The very high volume of ASCs in adipose tissue means there is no need to culture in a laboratory for days to achieve therapeutic threshold i.e. therapeutic benefit. Harvesting ASCs is done through a simple, minimally invasive liposuction under local anesthesia. The process is relatively easy and painless and poses minimal risk to the patient. It is a single procedure in a sterile setting.

The procedures of the Urban Beauty Thailand Adistem Stem Cell Facelift, Breast Augmentation and Butt lift came from the US and practiced by the top surgeon in Thailand who is serving for almost 29 years and serving various celebrities and expats not just in Bangkok but all over the world.

Cost of Stem cell in Thailand is an important factor when considering Stem Cell surgery/ therapy. However the quality of stem cell Thailand is more important than the stem cell cost. If the ultimate goal of Stem cell Procedure is to have a happy patient, then the surgeon's expertise and experience are probably more important than the Stem Cell surgery price. Thats why the Urban Beauty Thailand is offering special price for stem cell services that s from 15,000 USD to 9,000 USD that covers the 29 years of expertise and services of the top surgeon in Thailand.

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Bangkok Stem Cell Fat Graft Face Lift, Natural Breast Augmentaion & Brazillian Butt Lift Thailand at Cost-Effective!

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