Arthritis Alleviated: MetroMD Introduces Latest in Stem Cell Therapy in LA; Promises to be Especially Helpful for …

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 22, 2014

MetroMD, one of the leading names in regenerative medicines in all of California and one of the greatest proponents of holistic health services, now brings a reason to rejoice for individuals long suffering from debilitating arthritis. As per a report published on March 6 2013, by The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery on The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (Ref:, on an average, around 500,000 revision of knee replacement surgeries were recorded in the US - with the prime reason being osteoarthritis in majority of these cases. And If Mr. Devin Stone, MetroMDs Operations Director is to be believed, the cumulative cost of the treatment is estimated to be around $50 billion every year.

The cost covers hospitals bills, doctors visits, medicine, etc and makes arthritic treatment, which often requires a repeat procedure, a hugely burdensome endeavor. But the fact is, even after spending so much of money, one is not sure about getting fully relieved from the agony that arthritis brings to ones life. Arthritis appears in many forms and the expresses itself as joint pain, stiffness and limited body movement in a patient, says Dr Alex Martin, MD, MetroMDs Director of Medicines. MetroMD, ensures that patients can put aside all these concerns and enjoy complete healing that only an advanced Stem cell therapy for arthritis can promise, says Dr. Martin highlighting the fact regarding how pocket-friendly the treatment is. One can regain a healthy knee, while retaining the health of his/her money bag now with MetroMDs stem cell therapy.

How does MetroMDs Stem cell therapy Work?

MetroMDs stem cell treatment process includes extraction of healthy bone marrow out of the patients body by experts and placing it in a centrifuge. After segregating various elements of blood, the stem cell is isolated and placed with cellular growth promoters (found in platelets). All of these are then inserted into the part of the body, ensuring a quicker tissue-based healing.

Mr. Devin Stone exuded confidence in mentioning that MetroMDs stem cell therapies come as a great alternative to invasive surgeries - making way for easier and quicker knee replacements and arthritic treatment.

Is the stem cell therapy safe?

Dr. Alex Martin says, If you are suffering from chronic joint paint due to arthritis, surgery is not anymore the only answer. Stem Cell Therapy can provide an amazing alternative, where your own cells are used to promote healing inside your body. Medicine has advanced significantly in the last 15 years and persistence with the techniques that were pioneered over two decades ago is illogical- and newer and less invasive procedures are the future of medicine.

Backed by the fact that stem cell treatment is a minimally invasive procedure requiring little or no hospitalization, Dr Martins and MetroMDs stance towards propagating stem cell therapy looks only logical. The procedure is legal and the therapy rendered by MetroMD is in compliance with CFR 21 part 1271 standards. Being a non surgical process, evidently, its the safest and totally side-effect free process.

Dr. Martin welcomes the residents of LA suffering from debilitating arthritic condition to consult an expert at its branches spread across in several parts of Los Angeles - and enjoy an improved quality of life.

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Arthritis Alleviated: MetroMD Introduces Latest in Stem Cell Therapy in LA; Promises to be Especially Helpful for ...

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