Andain Inc. Discusses and Provides Update on its Breakthrough Stem Cell Therapy for the Treatment and Regeneration of …

ARAD, Israel, April 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Andain Inc. (ANDN) ("Andain" or the "Company"), a company engaged in commercializing novel technologies in biotech, medical and life sciences fields through its incubator program, today discussed and provided an update on its breakthrough, innovative stem cell therapy for treating and regenerating severely damaged muscle tissue.

Andain's innovative stem cell therapy technology rehabilitates and heals damaged muscle tissue by initiating regenerative myogenic cells (cardiac muscle), as well as striated muscle cells (skeletal muscle) growth in damaged tissue sites such as the myocardium (cardiac muscle) following an myocardial infarction (heart attack), limb pressure ulcers, and degenerative muscular diseases. The short term application is directed towards the treatment of patients with peripheral vascular disease, while the long term application is focused on the healing and regeneration of cardiac muscle following acute myocardial infarction or chronic heart failure.

Employing a patient's own cells (autologic transplantation), the Company's unique technology and process diverts the patient's own cells into specific targeted myogenic cells, which can then be inserted into the damaged tissue and accelerates the healing process. The administered myogenic or skeletal stem cells work as a network, acting in exactly the same way that the cells of skeletal and heart muscle tissue perform, and actually replenish the existing cells, thus strengthening the intended injured site following the transplantation process. This process can be utilized for different clinical pathologies as mentioned above and can also be utilized for patient using different donor as the source of the stem cells.

Our developed technology and protocols results in a promising safe regenerative therapy, without side effects, tissue rejection or the requirement of suppressive immunological treatment or malignant tumor hazard. Our technology also provides a simple, fast and safe treatment, overcoming technological difficulties associated with using other stem cell therapies sources such as embryonic, placenta, or umbilical cord blood cells that require cryogenic storage.

Andain's President and CEO Sam Elimelech, commented, "The field of stem cell therapeutics is in its early stages of growth as companies and researchers continue to uncover the vast potential and promising uses for them in the treatment and prevention of countless tissue injuries and diseases. We are in an excellent position to capitalize on the emergence of this new market. It is our belief that Orcell's cutting-edge technology and process is unique in regard to the fact that it allows for the safe and efficient directing of the patients own cells as into myogenic cells or striated muscle cells, thus eliminating the hazards associated with rejection and malignant tumors. Via our industrial incubator platform and expert scientific team, we look forward to helping Orcell commence their clinical trials later this year and make considerable progress of their technology and process closer to market."

Andain's incubator platform is currently undergoing with its stem cell technology a build-up of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) production line as a preparation for the FDA approval stage with clinical trials scheduled for Q1 2014 at one of the foremost Heart centers in Israel under the direction of Professor Mickey Scheinowitz, one of Israel's leading scientists who gained vast experience in the understanding and treating of cardiovascular diseases.


Established in 2004 as a Nevada corporation with locations in Israel and the US, Andain (OTC: ANDN) commercializes novel technologies in the biotech, medical and life sciences fields, specializing in identifying technical innovations and providing a unique incubator/accelerator development and industrial platform. The company also offers technical know-how and business strategy expertise to commercialize new technologies and deliver shareholder value. For more information, please visit our website at


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Andain Inc. Discusses and Provides Update on its Breakthrough Stem Cell Therapy for the Treatment and Regeneration of ...

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