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Adult stem cells circulate throughout our bodies and act as natural healers. These cells have vast potential and limitless capabilities. For more than 40 years, adult stem cells have been used to treat cancer patients. Recent advancements in stem cell therapy have been astounding. Cells from an ill patient are being used as part of the treatment. There is no possibility of the body rejecting the new tissue formed, making stem cell treatment safe and effective in achieving positive medical outcomes. It is important to note that adult stem cell therapy is not controversial because it involves the use of a patients owntissues and NOT derived from embryos. Clinical results from cardiac, pulmonary, neurological and vascular procedures have shown that the adult stem cell procedures are as safe as traditional procedures and are complimentary to current medical practice.

Adult stem cells are extracted from the patientsbone marrow and fat(adipose). At Intercellular Sciences, the naturally occurring stem cells in the blood are cultivated into millions of RegenocyteAdult Stem Cells. The Regenocyte Stem Cells areproduced inour international treatment center and are administered into the area of need for the patient. Once injected, they stimulate tissue re-growth and greater blood flow to the affected areas. The goal of the treatment is to replace damaged cells and to promote the growth of new blood vessels and tissues in order to help the target organ function at a greater capacity. There is no risk of rejection since the Adult Stem Cells received are directly from the patient.

Regenocyte Adult Stem Cell Therapy is safe, highly effective and presents minimal risk.

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Adult Stem Cell Therapy - Regenocyte

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