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A 13-year-old boy who cannot walk is desperate to raise 20,000 for life-changing stem cell treatment in Panama.

St Thomas More pupil, Marcus McCarthy, from Southchurch, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy a neurological condition that impacts his limbs.

He has already undergone more than ten operations.

The family aims to ask 20,000 people to donate just 1 each.

Marcus mum, Scarlett, 34, said: Recently, I was researching other people with the condition who have had stem cell treatment - which is kind of like science magic.

I came across this clinic in Panama. Marcus and I talked about it, hes 13, he knows what hes going through. He said lets try Mum.

I contacted the clinic and they assessed Marcus based on the information I gave and they said they would be happy to accept him for treatment.

But its not funded, its a private clinic in Panama.

When it comes to your own childs health, money cant be an object.

The Stem Cell Institute in Panama provides therapies using specially screened and processed mesenchymal stem cells sourced from umbilical cord tissue.

Scarlett, added: He is a very strong willed boy, he enjoys his physiotherapy and likes swimming and boxing - hes a very psychical boy.

He just started his GCSEs and his top choice was GCSE P.E. - his P.E. said yeah go for it!

That just shows his sense of character.

Hes like, thats not going to stop me.

But it doesnt mean that that strong-will doesnt come with a lot of frustration.

He wants to get rid of this.

It doesnt make him who he is though. His confidence, strength and his humour is what makes him.

He wants to have a normal functioning life.

Visit, justgiving.com/campaign/NextMountain4Marcus?

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20k for treatment to help teenager walk - Southend Standard

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