12 Nov Fundraise Update – Video

12 Nov Fundraise Update
It has been 7 months since Marilyn received her 1st stem cell treatment for her autism. She has gone from mostly nonverbal (only saying a word every few months) to now repeating almost all words with prompting. This video shows her repeating her ABC #39;s, numbers 1-10, and shows video of her amazing summer. She spent a week doing dolphin therapy at Island Dolphin Care in the Keys and is now doing horse therapy at Hope Reins. We are now actively fundraising for her 2nd stem cell treatment. Please visit her site at http://www.Marilynfundraising.org to learn more about Marilyn.From:johndice999Views:0 0ratingsTime:05:23More inPeople Blogs

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12 Nov Fundraise Update - Video

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