UC San Diego Gets $4M Grant For Stem Cell Research

The state agency that funds stem cell research has given UC San Diego a new $4-million grant. The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine has given the school 62 grants.

The institute known as CIRM made its first grants in 2006. Since then, the agency has awarded UC San Diego $142 million for stem cell research.

That makes the school the fourth highest recipient of CIRM grants in the state.

Dr.Catriona Jamieson, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center stem cell research program director, said CIRM has funded a lot of cutting-edge science.

They also gave us a training grant that has been absolutely vital for being able to train the next generation of physician-scientists, and scientists who want to be able to work with regenerative therapies, Jamieson said.

A variety of other local entities have received CIRM grants, including the Salk Institute and San Diego State University.

CIRM has awarded San Diego institutions a total of more than $350 million since it began doling out grants seven years ago. Thats nearly one-sixth of the total amount awarded statewide.

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UC San Diego Gets $4M Grant For Stem Cell Research

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