Sungduan: Age-defying

AGING is inevitable. But why worry about getting old in looks when you can defy it?

With todays latest technology, one can now become younger from 10-20 years old and achieve a celebrity look without surgery in just a few months. This is through the stem cell technology found in facial cream and unique dietary supplements.

According to Dr. Marc Lavaro Jr., an expert on general & ocular oncology, general & ocular

pharmacology, pediatric ophthalmic medicine, and Science of Epigenetics, the stem cell technology is not only a cure for some diseases such as cancer but also answers beauty concerns like fine facial lines and wrinkles.

He said this new technology, which is considered as a breakthrough can now be found in Jeunesse, a product of medical research conducted by Dr. Nathan Newman, the father of stem cell technology.

Newman is also world renowned for his cosmetic surgery and being innovator of stem cell lift cutting edge cosmetic surgery.

Stem cell repairs and rejuvenates at babalik sa normal ang good looks. Those who are bald can have their hair back as well, Lavaro said.

Getting rid of facial lines and wrinkles may be done through the use of two technologies. One is temporary and the other is permanent.

The temporary has the Cinderella effect wherein in just 2 minutes you will be wrinkle and eyebags free.

For the permanent, the maximum ideal effect can be seen after 30 days. The outcome of this using the Luminesce which serves as a lifting mask has the eight-times effect.

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Sungduan: Age-defying

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