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It's been nothing but 100% improvement.It just continues to get better.Ive been avoiding doing stairways and I have to be real careful climbing in and out of equipment. I find myself being a lot more relaxed, not having the problems, not having the pain. I don't have the swelling in my knees that I used to have and it hasnt been waking me up at night. View my video testimonial here My name is Susan and Im 62 year old I just finished having my second PRP treatment and Im very, very happy with the results I can do all kinds of things I wasn't able to do beforeI believe my knee will continue to get better as the cartilage grows. Thank you! View my video testimonial here

Many thanks to the Stem MD team for giving me the use of my hands back, pain free! Professional, courteous and compassionate, describes this team of caring people. To anyone considering this procedure, I say you will be amazed and thankful at the results.

Lenita Brewer Ansonia, Ohio

Thank you for giving my life and health back. The PRP treatment worked wonders and helped alleviate the pain. I highly recommend the anti-inflammatory diet, Dr. Purita suggested. My body noticed the difference and I lost 35 pounds. I can finally be active again!

Jennica Califf Coconut Creek, Florida

I thought there was no hope for my chronic back pain. I am so thankful I found out about Dr. Purita and stem cells. I have had back pain for over 5 years, debilitating me to do everyday things. Today my pain has gone down 50%. I tell all my friends and family and wish everyone knew about this wonderful treatment. Thank you so much Dr. Purita

It has been 3 months since my mothers procedure to her knees. Now, my mom climbs into the van without any help, before we had to pull her up and assist her. She does not take painkillers anymore, even her recurring bladder infection and Diabetes is well controlled. All my friends and colleagues are super amazed every time I show them a video of my mom dancing. Thank you so much what you have done for my mom it is truly wonderful and I am forever indebted to you.

Malou Aragon-De Veyra Philippines

I came to Dr. Purita on the advice of a friend when I expressed trepidations about cortisone shots or the possibility no matter how remote of a joint replacement. I was a wrestler in high school and college, and this had done no good for my kneed as I aged. I had no expectations, only hope that somehow my knees could be made less fragile by the stem cell therapy my friend described. I had gotten to the point where any down stairs journey or stepping down off a van or public bus was excruciating, to the point that I usually made an exclamation that wasn't fit for public utterance every time I stepped off a bus or a van. My expectations were neutral at best. I had no idea as to how this stem cell therapy would impact my general health whatsoever. I can say without hesitation that the results have been beyond what I could have hoped. My knees are now cooperative to the point that sometimes I take the stairs down just because I can. I have resumed walking the stairs up and down at work, and I can say that I really don't think about anything I want to do where my kneed are involved. I am not quite where I was when I was 20, but 35 is a real thought, my flexibility and agility are restored to a level I could not have imagined. As an additional part of the procedure Dr. Purita also injected stem cell into my left hand, which has been diagnosed with some arthritis. The results are less instantaneously spectacular, but the had continues to improve. I no longer sit in my office while my hand burns with joint pain, my movement and most of my strength are improving daily, and I have a feeling that within a month or so I will have the same level of improvement I have experiences with my knees. Many thanks to the friend who recommended the trip to Dr. Purita's office, and to Dr. Purita and his staff who have put thoughts of joint replacement and the mad merry-go-round of cortisone shots far in the past for me.

Mark Burns Hypoluxo, Florida

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