Stem Cell Research at the 2014 NJ Symposium on Biomaterials Science

Piscataway, NJ (PRWEB) February 06, 2014

Mahendra Rao, MD, PhD, the Director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine (CRM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has agreed to be a keynote speaker at the 12th edition of the New Jersey Symposium Biomaterials Science. Dr. Rao is internationally renowned for his research involving human embryonic stem cells and other somatic stem cells. He has worked in the stem cell field for more than 20 years with stints in academia, government and regulatory affairs, and industry. Dr. Rao will address the role of biomaterials for stem cell therapies in a session devoted to scientific breakthroughs leading to clinical applications.

Along with Dr. Rao, the 12th edition of the New Jersey Symposium on Biomaterials Science will feature a roster of presentations by 30 leading scientists, many with global reputations for their work in academia and industry in the areas of biomaterials, bioengineering and clinical practice.

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The New Jersey Center for Biomaterials (NJCBM) was founded in 1997. Based at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, the center spans academia, industry and government. Staffed by biomaterial scientists, the Center works to improve health care and quality of life by developing advanced biomedical products for tissue repair and replacement as well as the delivery of pharmaceutical agents. The Centers technologies have been translated into clinical and pre-clinical products including surgical meshes, cardiovascular stents, bone regeneration scaffolds, and ocular drug delivery systems.

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Stem Cell Research at the 2014 NJ Symposium on Biomaterials Science

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