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WILLOWBROOK, Ill., March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --Based in Willowbrook, Illinois, Russell Health, a national marketer and distributor of specialty medical products and services,was recently announced as one of The Silicon Review's "50 Leading Companies of the Year 2021."The feature strategically places the Russell Health brand alongside other tech innovators in industries including marketing, finance, software, sustainability, leadership and health. Russell Health's Profile features a Q&A with the leading tech publication covering the history of the Russell Health brand, services offered, anticipated trends in Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy, continued product category research, and more. Read the full feature here.

About Russell Health: Russell Health and its partners have distributed regenerative therapy products nationwide and achieved profound clinical outcomes in multiple therapeutic areas including cosmetics, wound care, pain management, podiatry, orthopedic, optometry and gynecology.

With their partners and suppliers, they work to provide innovative life-changing and sustaining products and therapies to patients and healthcare providers around the world.

Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy products take advantage of the body's ability to repair itself. Responsibly sourced acellular tissue allografts are helping people of all ages to recover from injuries and get their life back.

Quote about the current landscape and anticipated trends in Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy:

"We do not distribute 'Stem Cells' or 'Stem Cell Procedures'. All our products are acellular and do not contain live stem cells. By using a combination of growth factors and other endogenously synthesized molecules, Stem Cell Recruitment Therapyproducts help to assist the body with repair, reconstruction and supplementation of the recipient's tissue, as mentioned above. During the pandemic, we have seen a lot of patients and physicians searching for alternative treatments like ours that are safe and effective without posing any additional risks of infection while providing the clinic."(Ryan Salvino, CEO of Russell Health)

Quote about Russell Health's involvement in Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy research:

"We are currently working with some of the top leaders in the regenerative medicine field to continue to grow and provide new innovative products to our customers and their patients. We are always looking for new breakthrough products in the market to stay abreast on the new technologies and innovations in the field. We are consistently documenting patient results to provide clinicians with testimonialson how effective the Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy products are and how they are positively affecting patients' lives." (Jonathan Benstent, Vice President of Russell Health)

Visit Russell Health online to learn more about Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy. For media inquiries or to contact the Russell Health team directly, please visit http://www.russellhealth.comor email [emailprotected].

Contact: Veronica Bennett Phone: 844-249-6200 Email: [emailprotected] Mailing Address: 621 Plainfield Rd., Willowbrook, IL 60527 Online: Social Media:

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Russell Health Highlighted in the Silicon Review's '50 Leading Companies of the Year 2021' - PRNewswire

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