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PUTTING PATIENTS FIRST Regenerative Medicine Instituteis a multispeciality group of Board Certified physicians and allied health professionals working together to meet the needs of patients and families living with chronic degenerative disease. They work to streamline the referral process, share information with other healthcare personnel, communicate and work with primary care physicians and case managers, research treatments and procedures to find the best options for treating the causes of degenerative disease, and participate in drug trials and research.

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History of Stem Cell Treatment | Guidelines to follow when choosing stem cell therapy

Scientists have long been fascinated by the power of stem cells, which has led to current stem cell treatment. These adaptive cells have the potential to develop into different kinds of cells, depending upon what the human body needs them to be. They act as a personal repair system, uniquely able to regenerate damaged tissue. Better yet, stem cells divide without limit, giving the body a fighting chance to fight degeneration. While scientists have long suspected the potential of stem cells in healing, 1973 was the first time physicians were able to successfully perform the first stem cell transplant between unrelated patients. Stem cell therapy has mushroomed since that time as physicians realized that the same stem cells used to fight diseases such as leukemia can also treat Alzheimer's disease, COPD, heart disease and other degenerative conditions.

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Regenerative Medicine Inst - Stem Cell Therapy Mexico Stem Cell ...

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