Why This Top Supplement Stacks Up

(PRWEB) February 29, 2012

Stem Cell Worx has brought a much needed new breakthrough health supplement to market. Not only does this top supplement activate adult stem cells naturally, it is also delivered sublingually.

Combine these two powerful forces and you get a new age, natural health supplement that aligns with todays science.

CEO and Co-founder, Tony Sampson explains: Emerging science has enabled incredible medical breakthroughs to be made, particularly in the last 5 years. Now it's time for these breakthroughs to correlate into health and nutritional supplements. This is what has been achieved with the Stem Cell Worx Intraoral Spray.

"It is now acknowledged worldwide that adult stem cells are the bodys primary system of renewal and restoration. However, with age, the release rate of one's own adult stem cells from the bone marrow decreases significantly, leaving us more prone to aging, illness and disease. Therefore, it is extremely important one's own adult stems continue to be activated throughout each individual's life time, no matter what their age.

Adult stem cells are behind practically every success of stem cell treatment and therapies thus far, not embryonic stem cells. Our own adult stem cells are the future of our good health. They are the only known source for rebuilding the body and renewing health by restoring lost or degraded cells.

The key ingredients in the Stem Cell Worx Intraoral Spray are scientifically proven to activate our adult stem cells, strengthen our immune system and provide optimal support for the bodys own repair and renewal system. Having healthy stem cells and a strong immune system are the very essence of life and good health.

Adult stem cells, once in the blood stream, have the ability to seek out areas within the body where they are needed the most. They then migrate to those areas and start the repair and renewal process.

Ask Stem Cell Worx CEO and Co-Founder, Tony Sampson why and he explains, Our formulation is made from the highest grade of natural ingredients in the world and our delivery system of these nutrients is direct and unique compared to main stream applications like tablets and capsules. Spray this dietary supplement under the tongue, hold then swallow.

"It is scientifically proven and referenced that a sublingual delivery method enables 95% of all nutrients to be absorbed directly into the blood stream through the sub-mucosal membrane (that sits directly under the tongue) compared to just 10% - 20% absorption that tablets and capsules provide. "Most people dont know this and many Health Professionals and Health Companies dont want to acknowledge it," states Tony Sampson, Stem Cell Worx CEO and Co-Founder.

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Why This Top Supplement Stacks Up

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