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For patients and families suffering from chronic disease or injury, the promise of stem cell therapies offers great hope. UC Davis is a leader in advancing that promising goal. It has brought together physicians, research scientists, biomedical engineers and a range of other experts and collaborative partners to establish the UC Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures, a facility supported by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

The new $62 million institute is located on the universitys Sacramento campus, where collaborative, team-oriented science is working to advance breakthrough discoveries and bring stem cell therapies and cures to patients everywhere. It benefits from being on a campus near a nationally-designated cancer center, a renowned neurodevelopmental institute, state-of-the-art imaging and biophotonics programs, and an academic medical center that is at the forefront of advanced patient care. The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and the California National Primate Research Center, both of which are in nearby Davis, also offer unique research benefits for UC Davis scientists.

The institutes facilities include primary laboratories, a shared-vector core, microscopy and cell sorters, space for academic, postdoctoral and administrative offices, along with conference rooms and a proposed lecture hall.

The institute also is home to one of the largest, most advanced, academic Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities in the nation. With approximately 7,000 square feet of space, this GMP laboratory contains a suite of six specially designed rooms that enable researchers to safely process cellular and gene therapies for clinical trials. The facility is used by both UC Davis researchers and stem cell investigators from throughout the state and beyond.

Institute Goals

The UC Davis stem cell program brings together resources from across the university to ensure that bench research the work done in laboratories can be translated successfully into clinical treatments.

With an ability to repair damaged tissue and develop into specialized cells and organs, stem cells will have a major impact in medicine and health care. Research into stem and progenitor cell therapies is in full motion throughout the university. Scientists are exploring and testing different techniques and approaches in laboratories so that new and safe therapies are available to patients. This translation of basic scientific discoveries into novel therapies and clinical practices is a hallmark of research at UC Davis

Disease Teams

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