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The stem cell treatments provided at the BioRegeneration Integrated Medical Centre are there to help you overcome any medical problem you may be experiencing. Located in a beautiful setting, the Stem Cell Treatment Centers are the perfect place to recover from an illness and get back on your feet. We also provide intravenous nutrient therapy, in addition to the stem cell treatments to enhance the speed of recovery. A stem cell treatment has saved many lives in the past, and continues to provide hope to the hopeless.

The treatments offered by the center are truly novel and unlike that which is offered in many countries around the world. They provide many patients with the chance to greatly improve their health in the most unique way possible. Every year stem cell treatments are being approved for more illness. So far there is full approval for most orthopedic cases including arthritis, sports injuries, ligament tears and fracture non-unions. There is also approval for Diabetes, Critical Limb Ischemia, Erectile Dysfunction, Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis. Many other illnesses are still in the trial phase and the results are encouraging.


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Stem Cell Treatment Centers | BioRegeneration Integrated ...

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