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Therapeutic STEM CELL THERAPY What is Regenerative Medicine & Therapeutic stem cell Treatment?

Wharton's Jelly or umbilical cord tissue contain many Regenerative factors like anti inflammatory cytokines, rowth factors, hyaluronic acid & Mesenchymal Stem Cells.

Lighthouse Medical Center offers treatments that are designed to kick start your own body's healing. Not a temporary fix or to act as a mask for pain. By building on what your body can innately do, and stimulating it in a very powerful way through a protocol of injections and therapies, stem cell and regenerative medicine can provide complete and total healing without the stress, cost, and downtime of surgery.

Featuring premium regenerative therapies including:CoreCyte, AmnioCyte Plus, PolyCyte and PRP therapeuticstem cell therapies, our treatments provide real healing for our patients!We use Cell products that contain Mesenchymal Stem Cells.

Join us for aFREE SEMINAR on stem cell therapy! Fill out the contact information below and we will reach out to you ! Lighthouse Medical Center has 1-2 seminars monthly.

Therapeutic stem cells are the body's raw materials cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated(

Over time our tissue can lose functionality due to age, injury, and disease. That can mean longer healing time, cellular aging and changing chemical environments. Fortunately, each person is born with building blocks capable of repairing and replenishing tissue.

We here at Lighthouse Medical Center use therapeutic stem cells and tissue products that are processed in an FDAregistered lab. The minimally manipulated tissue products are prepared to utilize proprietary extraction methods that reduce the loss of important cytokines, growth factors, proteins, and biomolecules.

Lighthouse Medical Center offers the mostinnovative techniques in Therapeutic stem cell and regenerative medicine therapies. We offer a plethora of therapies for various orthopedic conditions and injuries.

Therapeutic Stem cell and regenerative medicine at Lighthouse Medical Center includes the collection and use of therapeutic stem cells toincrease function, reduce the rate of degeneration, reduce inflammation, reduce scar tissue and promote healing in themusculoskeletal system, including: shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, neck and the back.

Just to name a few;

Mesenchymal stem cell

therapy also helps with :

Shoulder pain

Knee pain

Joint back

Back pain

Hip pain


If you have tennis elbow,

golfers elbow, plantar fasciitis

and rotator cuff injuriesand

are lookingfor a solution to

the challenges you face,

regenerative and Therapeutic

stem cell medicine therapies

might be exactly whats right

for you.

Dr. Beylers 3 Month Therapeutic Stem Cell Therapy Testimony

Knee And Hip One MonthTherapeutic Stem Cell Testimony

Stem Cell Therapy | Lighthouse Medical Center ...

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