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What are stem cells?

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that are harvestable from various tissues within the human body, such as fat, bone marrow, and blood.

Because they are undifferentiated, these cells can develop into cartilage, ligament, tendon, or bone cells when they regenerate alongside the cells targeted for treatment.

Stem cell injections are administered directly into a joint or tissue, where the stem cells develop into the type of cells that are lacking or damaged. This type of therapy boosts your bodys ability to heal itself without surgery or prescription medication.

Our medical teamperforms a thorough physical examination and diagnoses the underlying cause of your condition to determine whether stem cell injections are the best course of treatment for you.

Stem cell injections can relieve pain and improve the range of motion in your joints by treating the damaged connective tissue. Our medical teammay recommend stem cell therapy to promote healing and prevent pain from:

It may take 3-8 weeks to see optimal results from a stem cell injection.

Successful stem cell injections offer long-term pain reduction, increased range of motion, and permanent repair of damaged connective tissues.

Stem cell injections are perfectly safe, and there is little downside to trying this therapy, especially before resorting to surgery or heavy medications. This minimally invasive treatment allows you to return to the activities you love with a reduced risk of side effects, infection, or increased damage.

If youre experiencing joint pain or limited range of motion, schedule an appointment online with our teamor call Innovative Medical Center to find out if stem cell injections are right for you.

Stem cellshave been demonstrated to differentiate into fat, bone, muscle, skin, nerve, and liver cell lines once injected or placed into the area of injury. The growth factors and other proteins all help support the stemcells in becoming and repairing local tissues.

Although the popularity in orthopedics and pain management is fairly recent,stem cellderived products have a 100-year history of being used in other disciplinesfor its healing properties.

Stem cells come from the donatedumbilical cord of healthy c-sections in a hospital setting. They come from the part of theumbilical cord that is 'immune-neutral,' so they can go into any body for regeneration.

No. The product being injected will become integrated into the site of injection with no immune system rejection.

Absolutely. It is very common for people to get both knees or both shoulders done at one time if they are having issues with both joints, This is something that you can discuss more with your doctor during your initial visits to determine what will be best in your case.

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