Oklahoma Medical and Cosmetic Center Introduces Xcell to the State

Oklahoma City, OK (PRWEB) April 02, 2014

Vitality Medical and Cosmetic Center is excited to announce that they have added Xcell Therapy, a revolutionary stem cell therapy process, as a service for its patients. This will mark Vitality Medical and Cosmetic Center as the only facility in Oklahoma state to offer Xcell. The process is used to improve the look of scars, stimulate hair growth, ease joint discomfort, combat certain degenerative cell diseases, and provide an overall revitalizing effect on the skin.

Xcell Therapy was developed by Florida based research clinician Robert Brandt and has been introduced to Vitality Medical and Cosmetic Center by its CEO, Ron Nerad. The process involves utilizing a patients blood and repurposing the blood to act as a catalyst for the healing process. This is done by drawing blood from the patient, then manipulating the blood in order to remove the red and white blood cells from the patients blood plasma. Whats left is a concentration of super-rich growth factors that Nerad refers to as a golden serum. The serum is then applied topically or injected into the affected area.

The golden serum is full of activated platelets that have released healing proteins called growth factors. These growth factors will excite the recovery process for patients, said Nerad. It is the next generation PRP and we are excited to introduce Xcell and all of its benefits to Oklahoma City and beyond.

PRP, or rather platelet rich plasma, has been used extensively in sports medicine to relieve and accelerate the healing process with athletes who have suffered muscle tears or joint discomfort. The new generation of PRP is referred to as CRP, cytokine rich plasma. The Xcell process falls under the CRP category, the advanced and purer form of PRP, and therefore acts more efficiently than its PRP counterpart.

Nerad combines the healing power of the CRP process of Xcell Therapy with his in-house staffs medical experience to create the perfect environment for healing. Jennifer Collins, the Centers Medical Physician, is responsible for applying the Xcell treatment onto the patient, while chiropractor physician Darren Risley, specializing in soft tissue injuries, gets the body working together in alignment to expedite the recovery process.

While this treatment is still considered experimental it is safe because your healing capable cells are utilized. Non-surgical cortisone injections alleviate pain and inflammation for a short time and can cause side effects like calcification of ligaments and tendons. This regenerative procedure restores and heals the injured cells enabling rehabilitation sooner. The whole process, from consultation to application, takes about an hour.

Along with Xcell Therapy, Vitality Medical and Cosmetic Center offers an array of treatments including spa and laser treatments such as Micro-Needling, Laser Skin Resurfacing treatments, and Botox Cosmetic. To learn more about the medical staff and their work, visit http://www.vitalitymcc.com.


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Oklahoma Medical and Cosmetic Center Introduces Xcell to the State

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