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MANILA, Philippines As the Cancer Center of the Makati Medical Center celebrates its first year, the hospital unveils to the public two of its latest offerings: the Cellular Therapeutics Laboratory and its new cutting-edge radiation treatment TomoTherapy.

In two seperate occasions, the hospital invited select media representatives to witness its unveiling. Present on the first occasion was neurosurgeon Dr. Eric Flores, head of the new and impressive state-of-the art facility. "This is the future of medicine. It's time the hospital enters the molecular age,"

In the medical field, stem cell therapy is used to treat a host of diseases, from Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis to Type 1 Diabetes and a slew of orthopedic ailmetns. It has aided doctors in successful plastic and reconstructive surgeries, and can even give a patient immunity from cancer.

In MakatiMed, stem cells are used to repopulate the blood and bone marrow with normal blood elements after ablative chemotherapy in the treatment of such conditions as leukemia, multiple myeloma Hodgkin's and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Stem Cell Rescue can also make Type 1 Diabetes a thing of the past: after ablataive chemotherapy ot the abnormal cellular immune system, stem cells produce a normal immune system, thereby allowing normal cells in the pancreas to grow.

Dr. Flores also expounds on the reasons why the hospital's new laboratory is the best in the country.

"Compared to other facilities in the Philippines, our laboratory is unmatched in terms of providing the best cellular product of quality. In comparison with other laboratories, the lab is at least three notches better in providing a sterile environment. Most cancer patients have weakened immune systems, hence, we put premium importance in the quality and sterility of the product."

He continues, "Separation of the cellular products is carried out within our Biosafety level 5 facilities automated magnetic-based cell separation. Our technology is approved by the US-FDA in clinical trials to perform cell purification without compromising cell physiology. Thus, the laboratory is totally unmatched in terms of the cell purity and cell viability of the product."

Dr. Flores also stressed on the 10-point DNA matching capability. "In a condition wherein the stem cells will be sourced out from a donor, our laboratory will perform the strictest standards in identifying a possible cross-match for the recipient. We have the technology to push this cellular transplantation process that will significantly minimize complications. Full disclosure of the patient's cell status, characteristics and quality will be provided."

New radiation therapy system

Meanwhile, another recent addition to the hospital's superb cancer care is TomoTherapy treatment, a new radiation therapy system which employs intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). It is valued as the most superior radiation treatment technique for delivering the desired dose to the tumor while limiting healthy tissue exposure.

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Local News In Cancer Care

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