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Regenexx PL-Disc: Next Generation Treatment for Disc Problems

Helping individuals avoid back surgery and the serious side effects of epidural steroids. Learn More >>

The Nations Most Advanced Stem Cell and Platelet Procedures Now Available in the San Diego and San Francisco Areas.

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Health Link Medical Centers Mill Valley offices not only serve San Francisco, Marin County and northern California, but we regularly see Regenexx patients from the entire western and north-western regions. Contact us at 800-281-3757 today.

Come see us. Were experts in the diagnosis and treatment of common injuries and joint pain.

Health Link Medical Centers new offices offer patients a more convenient location with better parking and room for future expansion. Learn More

Health Link Medical Center, with locations in North San Diego County and Mill Valley / San Francisco California, is proud to bring Regenexx Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Procedures to the west coast. The Regenexx Family of Advanced Regenerative Medicine Procedures offer non-surgical options for individuals experiencing pain resulting from common injuries and degenerative conditions. Regenexx procedures offer a viable alternative to surgery, and patients experience little down time and avoid the long and often painful rehab period that typically follows surgery.

Health Link Medical Center has specialized in cutting edge regenerative and physical medicine since its founding in early 2008, boasting a proud record of positive outcomes for very difficult degenerative conditions of the spine and other joints. We understand what it means to seek a good physical quality of life and our specialists are focused on making positive differences in the lives of our patients through innovative stem cell and regenerative medicine treatments.

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Health Link Medical Center - California Regenexx Stem Cell ...

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