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At Del Prado Stem Cell Center we treat :Diabetes,Osteoarthritis,Parkinsons,Alzheimers disease,Dementia,Rheumatoid Arthritis,Chronic Obstructive disorder,Autoimmune Hepatitis,Macular Degeneration,Lupus,Multiple Sclerosis, Age Management,as well as sports injuries like Golfers, Pitchers and Tennis Elbow, Meniscus Tears, Achilles Tendonitis and more.

Del Prado Stem Cell Center is a bank of stem cells throughout Latin America that has formal recognition and certification of OSAC agency from the government of the United States as an institution that unites all requirements for international patients in stem cell therapy, thanks to the level of professionalism and safety handles, being the only institution in Mexico with that recognition by the United States government.

Treatment provided by Del Prado Stem Cell Center is performed atHospital Del Prado, Tijuanasleading health institutionwith 49 years of experience, offering personalized and humane service. We are very thorough inthe selection and performance ofourdoctors and offer nothing but the best treatment and facilities for Stem Cell Therapy treatment in Tijuana, Mexico.Adult Stem Cell Therapies are completely safe and non-invasive. StemCell therapy is evolvingour modern medical panorama were it can offer patients a completely new alternative to cure degenerative and terminal illnesses.


A procedure in which cells are taken from a donor (Mesenchymal Stem Cells) and administered to a patient.

For those patients who are eligible for stem cell disease treatment. Their Stem Cells can be obtained from their own fat tissue for later transplant.

Hospital Del Prado is certified for Stem Cell treatment, certified specialists are on hand which have the training and follow adequate transplant protocol. In any case our specialists are on hand for an evaluation and if your disease has been approved we will immediately enter transplant protocol, which can begin right away in most cases, this is without need for Hospitalization for a prolonged period.

You are eligible as long as you have a preapproved illness or physical condition where stem cells have proved to be a clinical benefit in research

IMPORTANT NOTICE For Del Prado Stem Cell Center is very important to inform boththe medical community and society in general that stem cell therapyit may be unsuccessful in some cases or not recommended for all patients.Must never create false expectations without clinical and researchstudies to support the implementation of these treatments.So we suggest you talk to your doctor before receiving treatment.

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