CP Help Center Adds Latest On Stem Cell Therapy For Cerebral Palsy

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 15, 2014

The birth injury patient advocates at CerebralPalsyHelp.org are alerting parents of children with cerebral palsy of new treatment information on the site. Doctors in Vietnam recently became the first to perform a stem cell transplant on a patient to treat cerebral palsy*.

The CP Help Center is a national advocacy center providing the latest on cerebral palsy treatment, clinical trials, resources and litigation news. Parents can learn more about their childs condition and how it may have been caused, get information on available assistance, and decide if they should seek legal advice.

Cerebral palsy affects muscle movement, coordination and posture. It is the leading cause of functional and developmental disability in children in the United States**, occurring in approximately 3.3 out of every 1,000 births, or around 10,000 infants per year**.

While CP affects muscle function, it is actually a neurological disorder caused by damage to parts of the brain that control muscle function***. This usually occurs before, during or after birth***.

Cerebral palsy may be caused by factors occurring to the fetus during pregnancy, or by trauma or asphyxiation during labor***. Unfortunately, there is no cure for cerebral palsy at this time. However, several treatment options are available to help those with the disorder reduce the effects***.

Now, the CP Help Center has learned that a hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam recently performed the first ever stem cell transplant on a 13 month-old boy suffering from cerebral palsy*. Doctors there believe the procedure could have a 60-70% success rate on younger patients with average to severe forms of the disorder*.

Anyone whose child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy should learn more about how their condition was caused, or speak with a lawyer about their legal options. The CP Help Center only recommends lawyers who specialize in cerebral palsy lawsuits.

For more information on the research, treatment, causes and litigation news related to cerebral palsy, or to speak with a lawyer, visit http://www.cerebralpalsyhelp.org today.

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CP Help Center Adds Latest On Stem Cell Therapy For Cerebral Palsy

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