Pluripotent stem cells for improved reprogrammed Human …

Following the start of our recent collaboration with Phenocell, were pleased to be able to provide high quality Sebocytes developed from Human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). Thanks to a perfectly standardized reprogramming protocol, they display lower batch to batch variability, allowing better reproducibility and accuracy of your experimental results.

Sebocytes have demonstrated their large potential to be unique tools for many life science research fields such as:

These cryopreserved reprogrammed pluripotent stem cells are available at low passage (P2), 2.106 cells/vial format and in 3 different phototypes (Caucasian, Asian and African). Developed from highly qualified Human iPS cells, each lot is validated, with a specific certificate of analysis, for all the following Sebocyte markers and specific functions.

Phenocells iPS-derived human Sebocytes display the typical epithelial morphology of primary sebocytes with heterogeneity in cell size due to lipid accumulation.

Phenocell Sebocytes from human induced pluripotent stem cells.

Expression of the two Sebocyte markers: MUC1 expressed in more than 80% of cells; KRT7 expressed in 80% of cells

Functional markers are strongly expressed after 5 days:

Evolution of specific markers in Sebocytes derived from Human induced pluripotent stem cells after 3 (d3) and 5 (d5) days in culture with the specific PhenoCULT-SEB culture medium, compared to primary keratinocytes (Ker).

KRT7 expression shows Sebocyte purity above 90%.

Black: isotype control; Red: anti-KRT7 antibody

Dose-dependent (up to 5-fold) lipid accumulation (Bodipy staining), response after a 24hr treatment with linoleic acid (LA)

PCi-SEB respond to a 96hr treatment with testosterone (10 M) by a 2-fold increase in lipid content. This response is significantly inhibited by the 5-reductase inhibitor Finasteride (10 M).

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Pluripotent stem cells for improved reprogrammed Human ...

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