Stem Cell Research Facts | Charlotte Lozier Institute Project

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Jun 18 2018

Learn the answers to questions like ..."Who is benefitting from stem cell research and therapies today?" and "What types of stem cells are working?" In addition, basic questions such as "What is a stem cell?""Why do we need stem cell research?" are answered.

The video patient profiles featured on this site emphasize ADULT stem cell advances with the goal of informing and the hope of inspiring you to take action. These stories represent a small sampling of people and the many diseases and conditions now being treated by adult stem cells naturally found in the human body. Stem Cell Research Facts illustrates how current adult treatments and therapies directly impact the lives of patients and their families today - as opposed to debating the merits of other types of stem cell research.

We invite you to discover, learn and share the incredible possibilities of stem cell research. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to return for the latest developments in the world of stem cell research. Thank you!

Stem Cell Research Facts | Charlotte Lozier Institute Project

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