Personalized Regenerative Medicine

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Oct 15 2018

I am continuing to get results: For 8 months I could not stress my left knee with squats or leg presses. The last 2 days (5 & 6th day on Stemgevity) I said what the hell, my knee feels so go good, I will give it a shot and do some one legged presses with my previously damaged knee (it has been 8 months and it just would not take that kind of stress).

So, for the last 2 days in a row I have been doing them with heavy weight. Unbelievable -completely pain-free during and after, and no soreness the next day. Just incredible. I have been taking every exotic natural product under the sun to heal it and the Stemgevity did it, made it happen. It is completely well playing racquet ball with full stress on it and no problems no soreness and no pain. My energy levels are way up and you feel kind of a glow. I can work long hard days at age 65 and at the end of the day, I still feel great. I might as well be 20. This is perfect as our business is intense (selling bank repo homes at high volume) and I simply have to keep up. Also, I had bad strep throat and a chronic knee and shoulder -and yes, the shoulder is now pain free and no longer tight after playing intense racquetball. Again, amazing.

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Personalized Regenerative Medicine

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