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June 9, 2007 Alaskas congressional delegation continues to support legislation that would give the federal government more opportunities to fund embryonic stem cell research.

Rep. Don Young voted in favor of the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2007 on Thursday, which would make federal funds available to research projects using excess embryonic stem cells that have been donated to an in vitro clinic, and would otherwise be discarded.

The House voted 247-176 in favor of the bill, which has been sent to President Bush.


June 9, 1992 Fairbanks Mayor Wayne Nelsons sweeping four-part plan to cut the costs of city government and generate revenues survived its introduction to the city council Monday.

The council voted unanimously to advance ordinances calling for the closure of the Fairbanks Fire Department, the creation of a city-run lottery, the appointment of a revenue commission and the opening of the citys labor negotiations to the public.


June 9, 1967 Fairbanks could receive live television programming from communication satellites within 18 months, Alaskas broadcasters were told yesterday.

Maj. Gen. George P. Sampson, USA-Ret., vice president for operations with Communications Satellite Corp., described the rapidly developing future of satellite communication to a luncheon meeting of the Alaska Broadcasters Association here yesterday.


June 9, 1942 The million miles which Al Jolson has been promising since 1909 to walk for one of his mammys smiles was never closer to an accurate figure today.

At least 900,000 miles, by his own calculation, from the spot where he knows the sun shines best the dynamic song and patter man of stage, screen, and radio strolled the streets of Fairbanks, making mental notes of his first view of life in Alaska while marking time before the first performance of his Keep em Smilin tour of the Territorys Army encampments.

Before most of the men in Uncle Sams new Army were born Al Jolson was already dubbed one of the greatest dominators in the theater. And, years before that, he had shucked off the name he brought with him to the United States from his native Russia as a boy of seven Asa Yoelson and turned his aspirations from that of becoming a cantor.

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